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Yoga and Meditation IndiaThe word Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning Union. It's a combination of the physical self and various exercises for the mental peace of mind to stimulate the individual's concentration. It improves health thereby attaining eternity. Yoga releases the toxins from the body and tries to be in full harmony with nature with the basic 3 aspects of the human elements: the mind, the mental and the spiritual.

Yoga is a form of attaining peace through various rigorous exercises practised in India from the ages as it is believed that Yoga clears a man from all illness. Yoga has done wonders to the people suffering from various diseases and had cured them completely from the time of Indus civilisation, when the treatment of allopathy was not heard of. Yoga integrates the exercises of aerobics, gymnastics and even combines the mental and physical through breathing, lungs exercise and inhaling of fresh air in to the system. Yoga has several forms of exercise namely the Yama, Niyama, Padmasana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi. While pranayama controls the breathing process and maintains a balance of the body with nature Dhyana is pure meditation to keep the mind at peace.

Meditation and its impotance

Meditation is believed to relieve the strains and the stress of the body. The whole process of Meditation intends to bring peace of mind to the individual giving him complete freedom from the undue tensions arising out due to the natural and physical conditions. It relives the soul and the body and tries to purify every system of the human organs and tries to empower the body with fresh and positive feelings within and out side . Meditation helps in complete control of the self in physical and moral terms and in full command of one's activities with lot of vibrant energies. Through meditation the soul tries to reach the ultimate and gain wisdom and knowledge seldom learnt in any school of thought.

The various benefits of Meditation are:

Ayurveda of Kerala┬╗ It helps in increasing the serotonin production which influences mood and behaviour. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, obesity, insomnia and headaches.

Meditation originated several thousand years ago as the oldest method of body exercise and treatments of several diseases in the world. Mediation as a form of exercise and body care is very popular among the people of the developed countries as it gives them enough space to relieve the stress of the workplace. Also patients from all over the world visit South India for Meditation in the ashrams built specially for the purpose.

Meditation which literally means the science of reaching the supreme power, has passed on through the ages traditionally from the master to disciples only by practice that has gained prominence during the centuries that went by. 'Thaliyola', palm leaf, was used for writing the postures and . 'Narayam', an iron pin, was used as pen. The disciples used to stay in master's house, which is known as 'Gurukula'. to learn the methods of meditation.

In modern times, the traditional knowledge and practice of Meditation and a mix of ayurveda have been taken to a new level with the introduction of scientific research and the subject is taught in various Ayurvedic Colleges in Kerala. Used most popularly in the rejuvenation therapies of oil massages, herbal baths etc. and yoga exercises. Ayurvedic treatment and Meditation are sometimes considered a better alternative in curing ailments like Jaundice, Paralysis, Arthritis, Parkinson's disease, Spinal problems, Gastric or Peptic ulcers etc.