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The meaning of ‘mudra’, which is a Sanskrit word, is ‘closure’ or ‘seal’. Mudra hand positions are physical gestures that have an effect on the energy flow of the body. The ancient practice of yoga links the hand mudras to the changing spiritual and mental aspects of a person. The mudras are usually finger positions like in the Anjali Mudra, where the hands are kept at the center of the heart.

Practicing the different types of mudras for health is considered good as it provides physical, mental, as well as spiritual benefits. Mudras, also known as hand yoga, typically involves placing the hands and fingers in certain positions as described in the Vedas.

The various types of mudras are as follows.

Yoga mudra and five vital elements

Yoga mudra and the five vital elements of the body have a close relationship. The mudras can be used to balance the five vital elements of the body, which are water, earth, ether, air, and fire. Any deficiency or excess of each element can cause a disorder and imbalance in the mind and body. The thumb represents fire, the index finger represents air, the middle finger represents ether, the ring finger represents earth, and the little finger represents water.

The mudras benefit the bio magnetic fields, psyche, body, and mind in many ways. Some of the benefits of mudras are as follows:

Purpose of mudras

The purpose of mudras is to bring about a complete regeneration and transformation of the body-mind principle and an expansion of the consciousness. However, make sure that you consult your doctor before practicing yoga mudras. This is because certain conditions like diabetes can worsen with the practice of yoga mudras.