Delhi Trade Fair

Location :- Pragati Maidaan, Delhi (India)

India International Trade Fair, or the IITF, is an annual business fair organized by the India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO). The fair is held at Pragati Maidan in Delhi. The huge trade fair commences on the on the 14th of November every year, and it attracts myriad of tourists from across the globe.
The first India International Trade Fair was held in the year 1980, primarily with an aim to promote Indian products amongst international buyers and vice -versa. With passage of time, the fair metamorphosed into an international event. Today this multi-product exhibition is keenly awaited by the people from all over the country. The fair is a massive and common platform for the the traders, exporters and importers of the country to display their unique products. The IITF is a wonderful mirror where one can see stall of each and every state displaying its specialties which include clothes, footwear, cuisine, handicrafts and a lot more! People love to visit each and every stall so that they can get a wide array of products at the minimum possible prices.
India International Trade Fair is not just confined to Indian traders and manufacturers. The most popular and the biggest fairin Delhi dazzles with several stalls set up by the different countries of the world. Some of the popular products available at the fair are electrical equipments, commodities, textile, mechanical parts, crockery, etc.